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BuddyPress - mistakes I made
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WordPress - how hard can it be?
WordPress hosting - tough choices for beginners
WordPress security - basic tips
BuddyPress - mistakes I made

BuddyPress – mistakes I made

For some time I’ve wanted to have a closer look at BuddyPress, but none of my plans had any community features planned at this stage and I have had too little time to install it just for testing. So until a week ago I just looked at it from the distance and had a fairly […]

WordPress hosting - tough choices for beginners

WordPress hosting – tough choices for beginners

Originally I did not plan to deal with WordPress hosting questions so soon, since I’ve had a good host for some years now and I don’t need to replace them ( I will definitely remain their client with my main domain ( and with my local (Estonian) project(s). I did have in mind that, when […]

WordPress security - basic tips

WordPress security – basic tips

  WordPress, like all other systems, is as secure as you make it. Overall I would consider WordPress security level to be “normal” – it is frequently updated and discovered flaws are eliminated quite quickly, there is a large community to help and inform each other about vulnerabilities etc. But security of your personal WordPress […]